Open Signature
by Coresis


OpenSignature is an open source project for the digital signature of documents. It works with all cards supported by OpenSC and focuses on adding support for cards from accredited Italian CAs. The goal of the project is to provide a first single product capable of supporting cards from multiple vendors/countries. This contrasts the approach taken by card vendors/providers whose software follows an exclusive single-vendor approach. OpenSignature thus attempts to make a major contribution to interoperability in the digital signature domain and aims to greatly facilitate the setup of public access points that are currently the objective of several projects in Italy. Moreover, we hope that the peer-review of the open source approach will allow us to at least match the security level of competing single-card software.

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  • (10.06.2008) Thanks to Emanuele Pucciarelli (details) now it's possible to use OpenSC and OpenSignature with Italian CNS cards
  • (27.09.2007) OpenSignPDF at Think Open 2007, here abstract
  • (02.01.2007) Experimental service of Sign online PDF
  • (07.12.2006) New release of OpenSignPDF, with contribution of Javier Aparicio
  • (02.05.2006) OpenSignPdf new project, in Java, to make signed pdf
  • (30.09.2005) New release (0.2.0) of OpenSignature
  • (15.06.2005) New release (0.1.0) of OpenSignature
  • (18.04.2005) Add support for type 1400 Infocamere card on OpenSC submitted by Sirio Capizzi (source)
  • (24.03.2005) New release (0.1.0) of OpenSignature
  • (02.02.2005) Opensignature: winner in the Open Source Contest
  • (23.01.2005) New release (0.0.6) of OpenSignature
  • (04.12.2004) A blog (in Italian)
  • (06.11.2004) Opensignature participates in the OpenPortalGuard project
  • (11.10.2004) Mailing list added
  • (12.09.2004) New site goes online
  • (05.09.2004) OpenSignature opens at Sourceforge
  • OpenSignature

    OpenSignature is a GUI application for digital signature. It is based on OpenSC and supports all cards supported by OpenSC (Finish FINEID, Swedish Posten eID, Open PGP, Estonian EstEID, etc.). The OpenSignature project is futher adding support for various Italian cards and contributes them to OpenSC. It has produced pkcs15-emulators for the following cards:
    • Infocamere (1200 series, as also supported by Infocamere's DIKE software)
    • Infocamere (1400 series, not supported by Infocamere's DIKE-linux software)
    • Postecert

    • and is working or planning to work on the following cards:
    • Italian eID Card (Carta d'Identita' Elettronica--CIE)
    • Italian Service Card (Carta Nazionale dei Servizi--CNS, that is implemented by various Regional cards)
    • RUPA card

  • WebFirma

    WebFirma ("WebSignature") covers the same functionality as OpenSignature but is accessed through an Url Programming Interface (UPI), i.e. remote web applications access the smartcard services by sending specific HTML-forms to the local browser. An UPI approach was chosen since it is the only multi-platform and multi-browser approach we are aware of and since it seems to have several advantages over applets or browser plug-ins. A discussion of the advantages of the UPI is available here.
  • SCsign

    SCsign covers the same functionality as OpenSignature but is accessible through a Command Line Interface.

    earlier Versions and Obsolete Tools
  • Firma

    Firma is an earlier tcl/tk version of OpenSignature that does not use OpenSC. It supports only a subset of the Italian cards (Infocamere 1200,, Finital) but may be interesting for people who have probems with OpenSC.
  • Antonino Iacono (personal site), project founder and lead developer.
  • Sirio Capizzi (), developer
  • Roberto Resoli, Javier Aparicio Conesa, OpenSignPdf's co-authors
  • Massimo Losco, Bud Bruegger and Nicola Discardi, collaborators